European elections, June 6th-9th 2024,

Present an opportunity for us to stand for principles that support the rights of the Palestinian people. It’s a critical stance, considering the ongoing genocidal war against Palestinians and the perpetration of heinous crimes against humanity.

A blue and white poster with a hand putting a ballot in it

Description automatically generatedThis ongoing conflict has resulted in countless casualties, including the death and injury of tens of thousands, the displacement of over a million and a half residents, and the severe deprivation of essential resources such as water, food, medicine, electricity, and communication services. The deliberate destruction of hospitals, schools, universities, and vital infrastructure has led to famine, deteriorating health conditions, and immense psychological trauma. Moreover, these actions have triggered an environmental catastrophe, fostering the potential for epidemics and the loss of thousands of lives.

Regrettably, until the end of 2023, the European Union’s position remained deeply disappointing as it maintained support for Israel. The EU refrained from condemning the Israeli occupation’s crimes, neglected its obligation to take decisive actions to halt these atrocities, and failed to exert pressure on the state responsible for committing these war crimes.

The failure of the international system, including human rights frameworks, international law or agreements, and United Nations bodies, to intervene to protect innocent Palestinians over the past 75 years has raised significant concerns among European citizens. It reflects a world where justice seems elusive, international law is disregarded, and global organizations lack the capacity to confront such grave offenses, especially when the offenders are Israel or the United States, along with their European supporters.

Certain European leaders have obscured facts to justify their political support for Israel. Some have even manipulated international law, claiming Israel’s right to self-defence while negating the rights of those under occupation to resist their oppressors.

Within the European Parliament, over 500 members voted in favor of maintaining the status quo, rejecting appeals to cease the war. Some European parties have supported war criminals, either due to narrow interests, alignment with American agendas, Israeli pressure, or a misguided sense of shame resulting from historical wrongs committed against the Jewish community in Europe by their parents or grand parents, for which the Palestinian people should pay the price.

Despite widespread public protests and calls for a change in official stances, European politicians have disappointed their constituents, betraying the trust placed in them since the 2019 elections. This stance has implicated Europe as complicit in these crimes, isolating it alongside the United States and Israel on the international stage and eroding faith in international justice and laws.

As the 2024 elections approach, it’s crucial to select representatives who align with our values and prioritize European interests above external influences. Let’s advocate for justice for oppressed peoples, for rights of minorities, for freedom of expression, against hateful in Europe.                                               

   We will vote for Palestinian rights defenders.



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