Jenin – Palestine/ The ethnic cleansing that is occurring in Palestine is the result of crimes met with impunity.

European Palestinian Council for Political Relations

Brussels 29.01.2023

The ethnic cleansing that is occurring in Palestine is the result of crimes met with impunity.

Every morning, the children of Jenin in the refugee camp fear going to school. Before sending their kids to school, parents must open the windows to hear if any guns are being fired, check for helicopters overhead or check the news bulletins to be reassured before they send their children to school.

In Jenin refugee camp (0,5 km²) yesterday, the Israeli occupation forces killed nine people, including a woman, as she was peacefully praying at home.

The injured were left on the sides of the streets without first aid; eight were martyred after the occupation prevented ambulances from arriving and saving their lives. Ambulances were shot at, and gas bombs were thrown into a hospital where some journalists and families were trying to help the injured.

By law and by basic humanity, you must protect individuals whose lives are in imminent danger. The Palestinian people are unfortunately exempt from this obligation in Israel’s occupation state. Approaching a wounded person puts you in the sniper’s target circle. In Jenin, this happened to teacher Jawad Bawakna, who was killed by the occupation for attempting to help a wounded individual.

The European-Palestinian Council for Political Relations has repeatedly urged European decision-makers to take effective action against the terrorism of the occupying state. We have warned and continue to warn that impunity for Israel will leave the door open for it to commit more massacres.

The institutions of the European Union responsible for foreign policy possess all the essential information and pressure-applying mechanisms, including political, economic, and legal pressure, to take harsh deterrent actions against the occupation and cease its crimes against the Palestinians.

µThe European Union lacks the genuine desire to stand up for and safeguard Palestinian human rights. The Palestinians believe that their right to confront the occupation bulldozers has been taken away from them and that they have been left alone in their struggle.

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