A Research Study on the Far-Right Israeli Government

Issued by The European Palestinian Council for Political Relations “EUPAC”

A Research Study on the Far-Right Israeli Government

Brussels April 5 2023

The European Palestinian Council for Political Relations EUPAC issued a research study on the Israeli government after 3 months of being in office, in which it confirms that the current Israeli government is a far-right and racist one.

Such fact is highlighted in light of the declared positions of this Israeli government that are hostile to the Palestinian people, which aroused much European concern that this government may blows up the field situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territories OPT.

Conducted by the Chief researcher in EUPAC Adnan Abu Amer, the study presents the most important positions of the European Union on the Israeli government, and affirms that the EU needs to adopt a firmer policy towards the Israeli government, and it must not allow it to explode the situation in the OPT.

Coming in conjunction with massive demonstrations in European capitals protesting the visits of the Israeli Prime Minister, the study confirms that many European political circles, media and research forums have agreed that the Israeli government is Far-right one, and it is the most extreme government ever towards the Palestinian people.

Moreover, it explained that the internal agreements among the components of the Israeli government’s coalition included a number of aggressive policies towards the Palestinian people, where such agreements include proposed laws, such as the settlement annexation laws, the law of executing Palestinian prisoners, the Smotrich document, and the formation of armed militias outside the scope of the Ministry of the Israeli Occupation Army, which increased the European expectations that the coming period will be full of developments as the Israeli government seeks to impose more facts that thwart any political solution in the future, which European political and diplomatic circles have warned against in several occasions and statements.

The study indicated that this European impression is an opportunity for pro-Palestine bodies and parties in the European continent to call on the European countries to boycott the Israeli government, and not to be satisfied with the EU’s statements and calls for self-restraint.

It also suggests that the European parliamentarians, who advocate the Palestinian rights, have to address decision-makers and public opinion,  that it is time to halt policy of double standards and Europe’s encouragement to the Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people through turning a blind eye on Israeli violations,  and being satisfied with concern statements.

It added that continuing this approach by the EU would be harmful and it contributes to weakening the international system, besides it helps the Israeli occupation to escape punishment and accountability, which are always principles the European Union calls for.

The study came out with some recommendations, the most important of which is that the European Union has to go beyond media statements of condemnation against the Israeli aggressions in the OPT, and  it has to take practical measures on the ground, because the key officials and ministers of  the  Israeli right-wing government lead the situation in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Jerusalem, including Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is one of the most dangerous hotbeds of tension, to a new round of military confrontation similar to one  happened in May 2021.

The study recommended that the European Union has to impose sanctions against the Israeli occupation, and use trade as a tool to help protect the Palestinians from Israeli oppression.

Otherwise, the European calls for preserving the two-state solution will become empty rhetoric.

 It is time for the European Union to hold its legal and moral responsibilities, desist from transgressions of international humanitarian law and UN conventions, and move quickly to stop considering the Israeli occupation’s state as a partner regarding the exchange of information and the laws of trade exchange conditioned to respecting human rights and transparency towards the European consumer.

The EU has to stop profiting from the products of illegal Israeli settlements, and to punish Israeli war criminals who hold dual European and Israeli nationalities.

It is worth noting that everything  taken place in occupied Palestine, and having  this Far-right government in office come as a result of the  repressive, subjugation and apartheid Israeli  policies, settlement construction  and executing  Palestinians that were carried out by previous Israeli governments, whereas all Israeli  political parties partook in implementing these measures till  the current Israeli  government  came to  frame all these crimes that have been committed against the Palestinian people along  the past 75 years. Moreover, the current Israeli government implements and tries to legitimize pre-prepared plans.

The study concludes that the Palestinian people hope that European attitudes will develop to be advocative for justice, the right to self-determination, and the condemnation of the Israeli occupation violations and crimes against them as they are still waiting for international protection, and not having these attitudes limited to the “lip service” only.

This was embodied in the proposed laws, such as the settlement annexation laws, the law of executing prisoners, the Smotrich document, and finally the formation of armed militias outside the scope of the Ministry of the Occupation Army.

It is worth noting that everything that has happened in Palestine and the arrival of this government to power and control is the result of accumulations of repressive, subjugation and apartheid policies, settlement building and the execution of Palestinians carried out by previous governments, in which all political parties in the occupying state took a share in implementing them until the advent of the current government that came to frame All the crimes committed against the Palestinians over the past 75 years, and it implements pre-prepared plans and attempts to legitimize them.

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