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European elections, June 6th-9th 2024

European elections, June 6th-9th 2024,

The forthcoming European elections, to be held from the 6th to the 9th of June, 2024, represent a crucial opportunity to defend the fundamental principles underpinning the rights of the Palestinian people. We are facing a critical situation as a genocidal war against Palestinians continues and heinous crimes against humanity persist unabated.

This conflict has left countless victims in its wake, with tens of thousands killed and injured, and with the forced displacement of more than one and a half million citizens. Living conditions have deteriorated considerably, depriving people of vital resources such as water, food, medicines, electricity and communications services. The deliberate destruction of essential infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and universities has led to famine, serious health problems and widespread psychological trauma. In addition, these actions have created an environmental catastrophe, increasing the risk of disease outbreak and future epidemics.

Nevertheless, the EU has failed to condemn the crimes perpetrated by the Israeli occupation, failed to take the decisive steps necessary to end these atrocities and failed to exert adequate pressure on the state responsible for these war crimes.

The failure of the international system, including human rights frameworks, international law and agreements, and United Nations bodies, to adequately protect innocent Palestinians over the past 75 years has given rise to deep concern among European citizens. This history reflects a world in which justice seems out of reach, where international law is ignored and where global organisations fail to deal with crimes, especially when the perpetrators are Israel, the United States or European Member States.

In the European Parliament, more than 500 members voted in favour of a Resolution which affirms Israel’s right to self-defence, yet which ignores the right of people under occupation to resist their oppressors, and which fails to condemn the war in Gaza as genocide. Some European leaders have gone so far as to deliberately conceal facts or manipulate international law in order to justify their political support for Israel, and many European parties supported the war criminals, motivated either by narrow interests, alignment with US agendas, Israeli pressure or a misplaced sense of shame resulting from historical wrongs committed against the Jewish community in Europe by their parents or grandparents. The punishment for this shame is being unjustly transposed onto Palestinians.

About 6000 public protests/ events and calls for a change of official position, European politicians have disappointed their voters by betraying the trust placed in them since the 2019 elections. This position has implicated Europe as an accomplice to these crimes, isolating it alongside the United States and Israel on the international stage, and undermining trust in Europe’s capacity to uphold justice and international law.

With the 2024 elections approaching, it is imperative that we select representatives who share our values and put European interests first. Let’s fight for justice for oppressed peoples, for minority rights, for freedom of expression, and against hatred in Europe.

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