About The
European Palestinian Council
for Political Relations



Many European, Palestinian and Arab personalities met and united their efforts to establish the European-Palestinian Council for Political Relations.
It is well known that political relations are always subject to development due to the many factors that may work to reverse them sometimes or distort them at other times. From this point of view, the Council will work to invest in the importance of the geo-strategic position of the Middle East region and its historical and current role in political, cultural and humanitarian relations with Europe .

As Palestinians continue to struggle towards liberation from occupation, with the massive international support for their just cause, it becomes necessary to build bridges and bring together various points of view to advance a mutual understanding with Europe. This ensures open channels of communication that can support European political and humanitarian work in the Palestinian community.




Enhancing Communication

Contribute to the development of European channels of communication with Palestine and its people through positive relations at the political, scientific, cultural and civil society levels.

Raising Awareness

Raise awareness in Europe about the challenges facing Palestinians across the political, developmental and economic arenas; promoting an understanding of European policy-making in Palestine

Realistic Understanding

Promote in Europe an understanding of the Palestinian cause that is grounded in reality and supported by evidence.


The council works to achieve its goals through civil, political and diplomatic means, including:

- Conferences and seminars

- Awareness campaigns, workshops and reports

- Media interventions that report the realities on the ground without politicized distortion

- Bilateral and group meetings with actors in the European and Palestinian arenas; and networking among

  actors within the political and civil society spheres in Europe and Palestine.

Members of the board of directors

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Mr. Majed Al-Zeer

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Mazen Kahel

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

omar faris
Mr. Omar Faris

Coordinator of Polish Relations Affairs

adnan abou chakra
Mr. Adnan Abou-Chakra

Coordinator of Swedish Relations Affairs

احمد كنعان
Mr. Ahmed Kanaan

Coordinator of Belgian Relations Affairs.

Mr. Ghassan Abusamra

Coordinator of German Relations Affairs.

kasem mezian
Mr. Kasem MEZIAN

Coordinator of Danish Relations Affairs.

        Our Experts

Mr. Eric David


omar kitmitto
Mr. Omar Kitmitto


Mr. Piotr ikonowicz


        Our Staff

Coordinator free lancer EUPAC
Mr. Ahmed Frassini

Coordinator EUPAC

Free Lancer